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Feature DEALER'S



Our story is about three men from different walks of life, an auto mechanic from Tucson Arizona, a College Beach bum from Santa Monica California, and a laid off Aircraft worker from Seattle Washington. All become casino dealers, and in the fast life they go! Soon one gets into gambling and up to his broken arms debt with the loan sharks. Other gets into fast woman fast cars and soon before he knows it, drugs puts the breaks on him, with a hot load in his arm he falls right into the grave. In dealers school they meet up woman named Pat all here life she has used people, but now she will be used by every casino boss in the business and when there done they send here on a bus back home. Our auto mechanic has a turn to story he has been playing 21 before he became dealer and has master the craft of counting the cards and soon the casino promotes him in to management because he is an expert in mathematical probabilities what. "What comes around goes around" end.


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As of 09-22-02 Now Casting Call Soon!