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Our Mission Statment


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GT Entertainment a Division of Glenco Film Productions has
positioned itself as a motion picture content provider
for the multimedia industry of the new millennium. With the
saturation of consumer broadband right on the horizon, we've
positioned ourselves to fill that growing demand for internet
webcasting content. Our area of specialty is the entertainment
industry, specifically music videos and feature films.

With the utilization of technology, meticulous talent selection, and
experience with "guerrilla filmmaking" , GT Entertainment has
acquired the
skills to turn out professional quality product at a fraction of what
traditional thinking companies charge. When it comes to production
planning, our philosophy is to use creativity and ingenuity, then
money. We own most all of our equipment which is a cost saving
we pass on to our customers.

We are skilled in utilizing both film(35mm &16mm) and video(beta
sp, digibeta, HD, DV) as an acquisition format. Our services
includes audio editing and processing, and non linear video editing
on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. We also provide
EFX services, CD-ROM and DVD creation, plus duplication and
conversion services; PAL & NTSC.