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A wedding is a very special event for those involved and deserves the services of a professional
photographer. Our studio offers the highest level of professionalism and a commitment to
excellence that will result in beautiful photographs depicting the love and emotion of your special




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Order High Quality Product Photography Online

Order High Quality Product Photography Online

Ship Us Your Product. We will produce the images for all your small product advertising needs.
Now you can get professional quality product photography without leaving your home or office.

17 years of professional experience.

Professional Quality: and Lower Prices Good advertising photography is not cheap. Requires a lot of
equipment and know how. Most commercial photography studios target advertising agencies and
large corporations as their clients because that's where the money is. Their rates are more than what
most businesses can comfortably afford. But now with the advantages of the Internet, Glenco Films
offers professional quality advertising photography at about half of what a commercial studio
wouldcharge. Take a look at our samples, or download one from our FTP site and see for yourself.
Please note that your computer and monitor settings may affect the quality of our images. 24 bit
(millions of colors) are needed for optimal viewing. Download a sample to get the best look at what
we offer.

We are quick!Your images will be available to download from our FTP site within 3 to 5 days from
the time your product arrives at our door. Glenco Films saves you time and money without ever
leaving your home or office. And to save you even more, we are pleased to be associated with that can handle all your printing needs.

We want you to be excited about the images we make! We will photograph your product on the
background of your choice and take every step to assure sharp focus, and well balanced lighting.
Your images will be exposed on Kodak film for high quality color balance and resolution. The film
is scanned on the scanner. Make sure you send us the best item or product that you have and
double check for visual flaws. Our guarantee does not cover customer errors or flaws in the item or
product to be photographed. If your photo doesn't match for quality, sharpness and lighting
we will reshoot your job at our expense. We want your images to look great.

How to order

Glenco Films
158 Pepperwood Street
San Jacinto, California. 92582

Phone 909-487-6028