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Our Studio Ranch 158 Pepperwood St. San Jacinto, Ca. 92582

In Hollywood and for our San Jacinto Studio Ranch call (909) 487-6028

Welcome to our site!

Creative-driven film and video production for television
programs, motion pictures, commercials, promos, industrial
videos and service production support.

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Who our we?

A turn-key production facility based in California, Arizona, Oregon, is flexible, creative production, cost-effective support from concept development to edited master print.

Producer/director/cinematographer Glen
Tharpe formed Glenco Films company Inc.
Producing industrial films, commercials,
dramatic films and documentaries. The
company has gained a reputation for its raw
creative talent and has built a substantial
client list.
In 2000 GT Entertainment was established. A
branch of Glenco Film Company Inc., GT
Entertainment produces solely for film and
Glenco Films Inc. remains and deals
exclusively in commercial production.

Are sales down..did you know a little money on Advertisement for television commercials, can make a big difference! Call today and well show you an affordable sales plan.


The American Dream Get Involved, we are looking for investors in our productions.

Lets just see how many used cars these ladies can

Limited Partners

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Our Mission Statment

Feature DEALER'S

Feature THE RAID

New Releases

 Photographer For Hire
From 35mm to 6X7 Pentax film or DV Camera
Have Camera Will Travel !

Photographer For Hire


Check out South park in there new Star Wars move


Publications For Sale Motion Picture Technical Support Publications Division

Publications For Sale

Contact Us

SAG Underwriter


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get this gear!

We want to know?

If you have read the Synopsis'of the Proposed Film Productions'. You be the judge let use know your best choice.
Also use the Feedback if you want to make a comment on the film. Thank You..

Thank you for your Involvement.

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