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GT Entertainment
About Us

Many people like to know a little about the company behind the products they buy, so we'll use this page to provide more information about our business philosophy, history, and employees.


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Our Business Philosophy

Producer/director/cinematographer Glen
Tharpe formed Glenco Films company Inc.
Producing industrial films, commercials,
dramatic films and documentaries. The
company has gained a reputation for its raw
creative talent and has built a substantial
client list.
In 2000 GT Entertainment was established. A
branch of Glenco Film Company Inc., GT
Entertainment produces solely for film and
Glenco Films Inc. remains and deals
exclusively in commercial production.

Our Company

We'll include information about our business here. If we're running a small family business, for example, we might include personal information about how we became interested in our product or service and what it's like to be small business owners. Or, if our business is larger, we might talk about our company's founders and its history.

Our Employees

A business is only as good as the people who work for it. Here we'll talk about the valued members of our company who help to ensure our business is the best it can be.

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Glen Tharpe has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. His work this month has been invaluable.